Business Writing Tip #12 – The right word

Make sure you use the right word.  In English there are words that sound the same but have different meanings.

Using the wrong word is a fairly common source of errors in Business English. There are many words that sound the same or very similar, but are spelt differently and have quite different meanings and usages.

Most of your readers will understand the meaning even if you use the wrong spelling. But incorrect spelling and word use looks unprofessional. Remember, every piece of written communication you send out gives an image of your brand.

Here is a short list of some words that are commonly mixed up:

  • Stationary and stationery
  • Compliment and complement
  • Loose and lose
  • Where and we’re
  • Hear, here
  • Their, there and they’re
  • Your and you’re
  • Its and it’s
  • Affect and effect
  • Write and right

If in doubt, check.


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