Business Writing Tip No 42—It’s About Who and Why

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I think it’s worth repeating. When you are writing anything—whether it’s a sales letter, an email to a client, a memo to your team or a letter to Mum—you need to keep in mind why you are writing and who you are writing to/for.

I’m repeating this message because it is so very important.

Lindsay Camp puts it beautifully in Can I Change Your Mind?, a book about how to write persuasively. Camp offers a delightfully simple way to keep this message in your mind by remembering the Three Rs. Not the traditional Three Rs of reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic. But rather the Three Rs of persuasive writing:

Remember the Reader and the Result’.

can i change your mind cover

Happy writing, and remember the Three Rs!

2 thoughts on “Business Writing Tip No 42—It’s About Who and Why

  1. Have you put anymore tip together? The last ones I have is 26-30. As always I follow all your tips and writings. I think I am getting better with your free lessons.


    • Sorry Jozette. 26 – 30 is the most recent one I’ve done. I’m teaching quite a bit at the moment and it’s dropped down my priority list. I’ll put it back up there and see what I can do for you!

      Warm regards

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