Business Writing Tip #89—Words to Use for Social Media Copywriting

These days much business writing is writing for the web. I spend quite a bit of time copywriting and am always looking for new hints and tips. Today I found a post on’s blog which suggests that there are 27 words which are the ‘most retweetable and sharable’. social media

Blog Posts

The research they did revealed that the most popular blog posts had the following words in their titles:


For Twitter the research showed that the following words/phrases were the most ‘retweetable’:

  • You
  • Twitter
  • Please
  • Retweet
  • Post
  • Blog
  • Social
  • Free
  • Media
  • Help
  • Please retweet
  • Great
  • Social media
  • 10
  • Follow
  • How to
  • Top
  • Blog post
  • Check out
  • New blog post

Good luck with your social media posting!

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