Business Writing Tip #84—Idioms 2 (and some collocations): Talking about Sales

Idioms abound in English. In this series I am not providing comprehensive lists (I don’t think I could). I’ve focussed on the most commonly used ones. As well as some idioms, I’ve also listed some commonly used sales and marketing expressions. sales & mktg sign

To come down in price: to become cheaper

To bring down the price: to lower the price of a product, to make it cheaper

To do a roaring trade: to sell a lot of something very quickly

To plug (a product): to promote (a product)

To work out the kinks (informal): to solve a problem you are having with something

To make cold calls: to telephone somebody you do not know in order to sell them something

For sale: available to be bought, especially from the owner

On sale: available to be bought, especially in a shop/store; being offered at a reduced price

Sales drive/campaign: a special effort to sell more of a particular product

Seller’s market: the situation when the people selling something have an advantage, because there is not a lot of a particular item for sale, and prices can be kept high

Buyer’s market: the situation when there is a lot of a particular item for sale, so that prices are low and people buying have a choice

To have an ace up your sleeve (informal): to hold a secret advantage, for example a piece of information, that you are ready to use if you need to

Hard sell: a method of selling that puts a lot of pressure on the customer to buy

Common Sales and Marketing Verb Phrases (Collocations):

break into/enter/capture/dominate the market

gain/grab/take/win/boost/lose market share

find/build/create a market for something

start/launch an advertising/a marketing campaign

develop/launch/promote a product/website

create/generate demand for your product

attract/get/retain/help customers/clients

drive/generate/boost/increase demand/sales

beat/keep ahead of/out-think/outperform the competition

meet/reach/exceed/miss sales targets

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