Reflecting on networking …

I guess you all know by now that networking is on my mind! Last night I attended a networking event run by Internations in Prague. A fantastic venue and an ideal opportunity to meet other members of Prague’s diverse expat community.

But it got me to thinking. This particular group is about social networking. Should we treat social networking events (physical ones, not an exchange on Twitter or Facebook) differently to business ones? Is it okay to spend a lot of time talking business?

It’s kind of hard to know why people went. Some I spoke to really wanted to make new friends. Others seemed quite business focused.

I’d love to hear what you think about striking the balance at these kinds of events …


One thought on “Reflecting on networking …

  1. Hey Dalice,
    Really great question… I think there’s a very fine line, especially with the explosive growth of ‘social media’. However, I believe if an event that you go to in person is specifically set up by a group as a social gathering, you should respect their mission and purpose and not attend the event with a business networking/marketing mindset. And, vice versa. However, it doesn’t hurt to keep a few cards in your pocket just in case someone asks. If you get there and everyone is ‘talking business’ then obviously it’s acceptable with that group. As with any situation, you just have to take the pulse of the room and act accordingly.

    That’s my 2 cents worth!