Business Writing Tip #165—More Plain English

I’ve written a few posts about plain English and gave you some expressions back in Tip #77. Remember KISS – Keep it Simple and Straightforward.Kiss - Rodin - Paris

Here are 25 more cumbersome expressions and useful replacements for them. Sometimes the replacements are complete omissions.


  • While I was in the process of writing this blog post, I drank two cups of coffee.
  • While I was writing this blog post . . .
  • During the month of February, sales figures increased by 3 percent.
  • During February . . .
is responsible forhandles
by means of by, with
comply with follow
has a requirement for needs, requires
have an adverse effect on hurt, set back
in accordance with by, following, per, under
in an effort to to
in order for for
in the process of (omit without replacement)
in view of because, since
is in consonance with agrees with follows
it is essential that [one] [one] must
it is incumbent upon [one] to [one] should, [one] must
it is requested that you please
pertaining to about, of, on
provide guidance for/to guide
relative to about, on
set forth in in
similar to like
successfully accomplish/complete accomplish/complete
take action to (omit without replacement)
the month (or year) of (omit without replacement)
the use of (omit without replacement)
under the provisions of Under
as prescribed by in, under

5 thoughts on “Business Writing Tip #165—More Plain English

  1. Hello Dalice Trost .I like your post. I have a question: How would you say in plain English: I want to emphasize (a detail, a point, etc.)

    • Hi Dalia, it does depend on the sentence. “Especially” is often a useful word, if you want to emphasise one example of a few or many. ‘In particular’is another useful phrase. If you send me an example sentence I’ll have a look at it for you. Cheers, Dalice

      • Hi Dalice. Thank you for your response.
        Here is an example for a sentence :
        I want to emphasize that Australia is a democratic country.

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