3 Ways to Minimise Risks When Choosing a Training Provider

When it comes to Corporate Training programmes you need two things

  • The right trainer
  • The right programme

But you can’t know everything about a trainer before you use them. It’s easy to spend hours trawling the internet, ringing contacts in your network, picking up brochures, all in the hope of finding the ideal person to run your training programme.

If you get it wrong you risk

  • The programme not having the desired impact
  • Managers not supporting anticipated changes that will result from the course
  • Being unable to replace the lost time and resources you’ve already put into the training
  • The trainer not being a good fit for your organization

You can reduce the risk.

  1. Be clear in your objectives. If you don’t know what it is that you’re trying to achieve, you don’t have a hope of getting someone else to understand it. Spend a bit of time working it out before you even contact a training company.
  2. Make sure that the trainer/facilitator understands your needs. If they’re not asking questions like, What do you think are the root causes of the problem you’re trying to address?  and What have you hoping to achieve? then chances are they’ll drop an off-the-shelf product in your lap. You need to ensure the programme is customized to meet your requirements.
  3. Check references, or use a reputable training company who are happy to give you the names of people they contact to check out how a trainer has done in another organization.

Want some more information about choosing your corporate training providers. Read Choosing a Corporate Training Provider.  I’d love to know what ideas you have for reducing the risk, and for making the right training decisions … so please comment.

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