How to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn by 1000%

Today I’m posting some content I found on Stephanie Ward’s very useful and informative blog. It’s all about getting your message out to more people using LinkedIn. I hope you find it useful. I know I did.

How to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn by 1000%

Stephanie Ward – Firefly Coaching

You’re probably posting interesting updates on LinkedIn that your connections find extremely valuable.

And when you post an update it is only visible to your connections. You may have a few hundred connections, maybe more. And that’s awesome.

But what you’re missing out on is a super cool way to leverage your updates so that they reach thousands to tens of thousands of people (this is not hype or an exaggeration, stick with me and I’ll explain).

Get Yourself Hooked Up With Groups

First off you need to join some Groups on LinkedIn; you can join a maximum of 50 groups. You want to join groups that your ideal clients are members of.

To find groups to join simply go to the top navigation bar and go to the search bar on the top right. Click on the drop down menu and choose ‘Groups’. Then start typing in keywords of your target market and industry and you’ll see options for groups.

For example, if you’re a Nutritionist you might type words like: health, nutrition, wellness, etc. If you’re a Sustainability Consultant you could try words like: environment, renewable, energy, etc.

There is also a ‘Similar groups’ link that is to the right of the group description and above the ‘Join Group’ button that will show you groups that are similar to that one.

Each group has a short description as well as the number of members in the group. Look for groups that are a good match and have a large number of members.

Once you find a group you want to join simply click on the button to the right of the group description that says ‘Join Group’.

Let the Sharing Begin

To get started, update your status with a description of the content you want to share. The types of updates that receive the most response are ones that include a link to content.

The link can be to: an article, a video, a blog post, etc. Be sure to add a link to the content by clicking on the link that says ‘Attach a link’ which will say: ‘Add URL:’ once you click on it. After you add the link click on ‘Attach’.

Once you’ve done that simply click ‘Share’ and now your update appears in the stream under ‘All Updates’. That is usually as far as most people go. The next step is where the magic of massive leverage happens.

How to Skyrocket Your Visibility

Now that you see your post in the stream, click on the link underneath your post that says ‘Share’ (it will be the fourth choice in a row of these options: Like – Comment – Send a Message – Share).

Once you’ve clicked on the ‘Share’ button you’ll see a box and you’ll want to uncheck the box that says, ‘Post to Updates’ because you’ve already done that.

You do want to check the box that says, ‘Post to group(s)’ where you’ll have the option to add as many groups as you’d like. To add a group, simply start typing the name of the group and you’ll get a drop down list of options.

A handy way to do this is to go to your list of groups (you’ll find this in the top navigation, click on ‘Groups’ and then on ‘Your Groups’) and then copy and paste the list to a Word document and save it or print it out. That way you can easily refer to it when adding groups.

After you’ve added all of the groups you want to share your update with you can add a couple more things. Underneath where you added all of your groups you can also add a ‘Subject:’ line and add information to the ‘Detail’ section.

Once you’ve done that, just click ‘Share’ and your update will be sent from LinkedIn via e-mail to every member of every group you sent it to and it will show up in the discussion area of each group.

Results You Can Expect

So if you’re a member of 40 groups and each of those groups have 1,000 members your content will go out to 40,000 people! Many groups have in excess of 1,000 members to your reach may be even greater. That’s a colossal difference from reaching a few hundred people with your updates. Are you feeling me?

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that you can do this for free! It may sound complicated and I promise it’s not. Once you’ve joined your groups and you’ve done this one time you will see how easy it is and that it literally takes only minutes.

Try this right now and increase your visibility by sharing your juicy content with an enormous amount of people and watch your business grow.

© Stephanie Ward

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