Business Writing Tip No 41—Giving Examples

You can tell a lazy writer. They’re the ones who, when they give examples, always write something along the lines of:

You can easily move around Prague using public transport, e.g. buses or trains.

When you need to include many examples in your writing, using ‘e.g.’ all the time can easily become repetitive and boring. You want your readers to enjoy reading what you have written. You want your writing to flow.

Here are some phrases you can use when you provide examples.

  • for one

Several people haven’t had a chance to review the report yet. My boss, for one.

  • take for instance

Many fast food chains can be found in most of the world’s capital cities. Take for instance KFC.

  • to name (just) a few

The companies that will be presenting at the conference are impressive: Google, Apple, P World, to name just a few.


  • a good example is

Some Czech companies provide information on their websites in both Czech and English. A good example is The Prague Public Transport Company.

  • a case in point is

In some restaurants it’s really difficult to get vegetarian food. A case in point is The Meat Factory, where it’s virtually impossible unless all you want is a salad.

  • alone

The organisation’s sales have improved across the board. Sales of toothpaste alone rose by 2% in the last quarter.

  • a typical/classic case

The failure of the fast food chain was a typical case of an organisation not researching its market well enough.

  • like

Low cost airlines like Wizz Air and Ryan Air charge passengers extra if they have luggage or if their cabin baggage is too large.

  • such as

Major UK stores, such as Tescos, have been expanding their presence in Europe in recent years.

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