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Dalice Trost, has 30 years of business experience in both the public and private sectors.

She is an experienced Business English teacher, and regularly teaches both individual and group classes. She also teaches English for Specific Purpose sessions, including workshops on Emailing in English, Project Management in English, Negotiating in English and English for Human Resources.

Dalice started her career working for the Japanese Government, and has also worked for the Australian Federal Government and the UAE Government in a range of operational roles covering logistics and Human Resource Management and Development.

In 1997 Dalice moved from Australia to Dubai where she was Conference Director and Training Production Director with IIR Middle East. She also spent two years working in a senior advisory position with Tanmia, the UAE National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority.

Dalice’s academic qualifications include a Masters Degree in Public Administration, a Bachelors Degree (with Honours) in Asian Studies, French language diplomas and a Level 6 Certificate in Teaching English (TESOL).

She has published a number of Kindle Ebooks on Amazon, including books on business writing, networking and taking minutes of meetings.

The following is one review of The Busy Person’s Guide to Networking:

“Succinct, easy to read, with some excellent tips on how to manage events that may otherwise seem overwhelming to those of us that know we should network but prefer to find every excuse not to do so. I especially liked the advice on graciously extracting oneself from one contact in order to move on to the next. This guide helps you set up an easy to follow program to suit you experience and energy. It is as useful for beginners as it is for those who have done this all before. Highly recommend.”

In 2012 Griffin Professional Business & Training Services, a training and professional writing consultancy, opened its Prague office, providing services to companies in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the UK, through a diverse network of exceptional trainers and writers.

In 2015 Dalice relocated to Australia and is currently offering business writing and editing services, and teaching English, through Dalice Trost Consultancy Services.
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