A grammar gift idea …

A Grammar Gift Idea

I rarely highlight commercial products on my blog but I couldn’t resist. I recently saw these fabulous Grammar Grumbles mugs advertised on the web.

When you’re not sure which word to use, if you mix up your ‘less’ and ‘fewer’, your ‘affects’ and ‘effects’, this set of six mugs will help. Or if you have one of those friends, or colleagues, who literally dies laughing … do them a favour and buy them a useful reminder of the correct words to use. The messages on the mugs are:grammar mugs

  • They’re there for their afternoon tea.
  • I am figuratively dying for a cuppa.
  • The caffeine effect can affect us all.
  • Don’t lose the loose-leaf tea.
  • I’m going to add two sugars too.
  • Less milk and fewer sugar lumps.

And as the website states, “Even if you don’t take grammar as seriously as I do, I still think these mugs are great reminders of the rules.”

Happy writing.

P.S. Please note, this is not a paid ad – I just love the mugs 🙂

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